Ali and Karl McKusick

Cheng2 Duo

Cheng2 Duo at Vernon’s Performing Arts Centre January 18th, 2018

We applaud your inclusion of Cheng2 Duo in this (2018) season’s programme!! Bryon and Silvie were an absolute treat– fresh, accomplished beyond their years, enjoyable to watch and hear to the nth degree!! We have always loved the emotional, expressive sound of cello music, yet Bryon, at a young age, evoked a sensitivity we’ve not experienced before! The Rachmaninoff pieces brought us to tears!! Silvie’s skill and actual athleticism caressed an incredible range and nuance out of our fine Steinway!

We are so grateful to the folks of NOCCA for their outstanding dedication and effort! However, on this occasion you have really proven an acute awareness of excellence and unique talent!! We were thrilled that the Duo, who have played world venues, graced our Centre with THE BEST concert ever!