Did you know the grand piano used at the Vernon And District Performing Arts Centre is owned by the North Okanagan Community Concert Association (NOCCA)?

NOCCA’s first Steinway, originally built in 1887 and restored in 1951, has brought much musical excitement and enjoyment to the North Okanagan since it arrived in 1953. It has been played by soloists and accompanists alike to the delight of Vernon And District Performing Arts Centre audiences; but will now move on to make way for the arrival of a “new to us” fully restored 1979 Hamburg Steinway that saw its first concert in the Kultur Casino Bern, in Switzerland.

The Steinway’s procurement began with the good foresight of NOCCA’s membership in the early 2000s when a piano fund was started. By 2013, there was enough to begin the search for a “new” piano. Through a piano key fundraiser over the 2015-2016 season and a generous donation from the Regional District of North Okanagan, enough funds were raised to complete the total restoration (plus the purchase a new piano bench).

The piano has been restored by Verhnjak Pianos of White Rock, BC, a firm with an excellent reputation of rebuilding pianos for more than forty years.

NOCCA extends a sincere “thank you” to all the members, artists and donors who have contributed their support in bringing this new musical voice to our stage. We look forward to many more years of exceptional keyboard performances on our “new” Steinway Concert Grand.

vernon performing arts centre piano

June 1, 2016 update – our piano is now playable and performing beyond expectations. It will be delivered in October 2016 for the gala concert featuring Ian Parker. At a piano technicians’ conference last weekend, it had an unofficial debut and was played by one of two sisters in concert with another Steinway, a rebuilt New York model. We are in for a treat!


The piano is kept in a climate controlled storage room in the community theatre, where it is available by rental agreement for use on the main stage or the adjacent Marie Fleming Hall.

Terms Of Rental:

  1. The piano will only be rented to, or for use by a qualified pianist.
  2. Rental is by the day, which may include one or more rehearsals/performances. Discounted fees may apply for multiple rentals.
  3. The renter shall be responsible for, and shall pay for the tuning of the piano if required, in addition to the rental fee.
  4. The renter shall only employ the technician/tuner designated by NOCCA.
  5. The renter shall be responsible and liable for any damage to the piano incurred through negligent use or malicious intent.
  6. The piano cover will not be removed until the piano has been positioned for use.
  7. The piano will only be moved by means of the canvas straps attached to the dolly
  8. The piano will not be positioned over, or partially over, any stage elevator or trap which may unexpectedly move or open, either by accident or design.
  9. The piano shall not be used in the lobby, the orchestra pit, or on any raised platform.
  10. The Piano Technician/Tuner will be booked by the theatre’s technical director.

Rental Fees:

[A] For commercial (for profit) use :

  • Please contact the Performing Arts Centre’s Technical Director at 250-542-9355.

[B] For non-commercial (non-profit) use :

  • Please contact the Performing Arts Centre’s Technical Director at 250-542-9355.


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