Friday January 21, 2022 Concert Cancelled

Marina Thibeault & Janelle Fung
Marina Thibeault & Janelle Fung

We are extremely disappointed to have to tell you that the Marina Thibeault and Janelle Fung concert scheduled for Friday January 21,2022 has been cancelled. Marina and Janelle, along with their agent, decided that the current COVID situation posed too much of a risk to their audiences as well as to their families, and have cancelled their entire tour.

Ticketseller is handling the process of contacting ticket holders to let them know of the cancellation and to handle any refunds that are requested.

If it’s any consolation, Erin Kennedy (artistic director at the Performing Arts Centre) commented that she has recently had to cancel five shows.

We are still planning on going ahead with the February 24th concert. It is hoped that Omicron will have burnt itself out by then.

A NOCCA executive meeting will be arranged in the very near future and we will keep you advised.