2020-21 Concert Season Update

Pentaedre Woodwind Quintet

Greetings! Here’s hoping all is well with everybody, and that you’re coping with the new lifestyle imposed by COVID-19.

As you may have guessed, NOCCA is in a holding pattern at present. We’re in a constant “wait-and-see” mode; our ability to operate determined by the restrictions regarding audience size. Trying to put on concerts with a 50-patron maximum is not financially feasible, and, in addition, most of our performers would have to travel from other centres in Canada (and North America) which further restricts our activity.

We had one concert scheduled for the fall of 2020 and we’ve had to cancel that. There was also a concert scheduled for the spring of 2021 which also had to be cancelled. That leaves three concerts not yet cancelled, but, in all likelihood, they will have to be. Which leaves us with the hope that we will be able to start up again in the fall of 2021.

This is all dependent on our ability to present concerts for an audience much larger than the 50-patron maximum current restrictions allow. And this may well depend on the introduction of a vaccine.

We do have a full concert series planned for the 2021-2022 season, and we will be revealing it once we know we can go ahead with it.

We’re sincerely counting on our existing subscribers returning to the fold, and maybe bringing a few new faces along. One of the things that has been emphasized by all the concerts in Vernon being cancelled is how important live music is to us, and how dearly we miss it. Here’s hoping that we will all come back with renewed appreciation of everything that music has to offer us.

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