Janice Mori

I was at your NOYSE concert on Saturday and was blown away by the talent! Thank you for arranging this for our community.  

Cheng2 Duo

Ali and Karl McKusick

We applaud your inclusion of Cheng2 Duo in this (2018) season’s programme!! Bryon and Silvie were an absolute treat– fresh, accomplished beyond their years, enjoyable to watch and hear to the nth degree!! We have always loved the emotional, expressive sound of cello music, yet Bryon, at a young age, evoked a sensitivity we’ve not…

Bob Swanson

We attended the concert performance of November 19, 2017 with collectif9. This ensemble was stupendous!!! They are absolute masters of their instruments, musical cohesion, stagecraft and performance. The musical arrangements and fusion of classical music with modern techniques was brilliant. It was probably the best concert I have ever attended here or anywhere. PLEASE have…